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Friday Oct 20, 2017 13:40, last edition on Thursday Oct 26, 2017 13:56

Someone's identity evolves with time and can be multiple. For example, someone's identity for someone met in work place will be usually the name given by their parents. Sometimes, it can be the husband's family name. Whereas your friend or family can call you with a nickname.
On the web, this identity is a pseudo or an avatar. It is an email address. Each time a new account is created on a server, a new identity for this server is created. It means that a person can have multiple identities in one location, that is usually not the case in the real world.

Building identity

There are two paths to build virtual identities. If someone decides to take different pseudo for each created account, then this person gain a new identity each time. It is a simple way to protect your privacy. The second choice is to keep the same pseudo, avatar, email address, and so on, to build a strong and consistent identity, and not necessarily the same as in the real world.

My identity

I have many virtual identities. Some correspond to the real world one, this website is a perfect example as it includes my name a picture of myself. Others are not related at all and can be difficult to link to me. Let me give you some of my virtual identities.

As Clément Février or related

Physical Review Journals
Launchpad, although it was clement.analogue for more than 9 years.

As Analogue or related

Mozilla Add-ons
Mozilla Support
GitHub, but my real name is displayed.
FramaGit, but my real name is displayed.
GitLab, but a nickname is displayed.
Documentation Ubuntu-fr
Forum Ubuntu-fr


Clèm on StackExchange
clement on Forum Analogue
Dr Clèm on this blog

and I can continue like that for a while.

The trend in my case is to use my real name when I need to be a public figure, which as needed when I run as deputy deputy for the parliamentary elections, or for work, the pseudo Analogue or related when it is linked to software, and my first name and nickname for more personal accounts.

Edit on October 25, 2917: Add new identities, update identiy from FramaGit and GitHub.
Edit on October 26, 2917: Add new identities (Ubuntu-fr)

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Bonjour, Je suis Clément Février, docteur en physique théorique de l’université de Grenoble Alpes, ingénieur Recherche et Développement dans le domaine de l’imagerie médicale et de la chirurgie mini-invasive chez Surgivisio et soutien du mouvement La France Insoumise.

Non, mais je rêve. La faille de sécurité Windows CVE-2021-40444 ne touche que le moteur de rendu d'Internet Explorer, pas celui de Edge. Donc, ça semblait cool sauf pour les très vieux Windows ? Sauf que Office utilise toujours le moteur de rendu d'Internet Explorer (oui, il y a un navigateur Web dans le tableur et dans le traitement de texte) et est donc vulnérable, et cette faille est exploitée (on ouvre le document vérolé et paf).