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Captain's Log #4

Friday Jul 24, 2020 12:48, last edition on Monday Jul 27, 2020 11:19
Migration to LXD

I pretty much migrate all my virtual servers from Xen to LXD. Only one virtual server is left on Xen because I made a mistake configuring it in LXD and it requires a rather complex merge of two databases, so it's on hold for now.


Comment section has been subject to a lot of spam. I blindly deleted all comments from November 26, 2017. I first comment the PHP section of this website which allow to comment, but it did not stop anything. Looking at apache's log, I identified an IP,, which I added in iptables. I hope that it will solve the issue. The comment section is now open again.

To Do List

I am working on TootLine, the PHP code that allows you to share your TootLine on your blog, like the one there is on the right or bottom, depending on the size of your screen. I have couple of issues to address before publishing it, which are proper word wrapping, create a cache for the media in order to solve CSP issue, handle the NSFW content that is displayed so far.


I would like to make a French version of this blog, with most of the articles translated.

I addition to what remains on the To Do List, I want to add couple of improvement.

More restrictive CSP headers

I want to rewrite some part of the web site to be able to provide more secure CSP headers.


I am planning on adding a RSS feed for each commentary section so it will be easy to follow. I will also add a cookie to auto fill the fields Name and Website. I will put a check box if you want to add the cookie when you comment.


I will add the list of all tags on the right panel.


I will add proper Open Graph protocol and Twitter cards in the headers. I already updated the MySQL database, so everything is ready on this side, I just need to rewrite the headers that I include to make them dynamic.

Better looking links

I already changed the URL of some links to make them better looking, but I did not finish yet. The rewriting rules are not as simple as I expected, if you want to make them SEO compliant.

Better CMS

My work-flow is not the most efficient. Each article points to an actual file, which is not so good, because I need to create a file each I add an entry in this blog. I will improve this soon. It is one of the reason why I stopped writing here. It is too complex.

Migrating the last virtual from Xen to LXD

I need to migrate completely my photo galleries (Piwigo) from XEN to the new ones on LXD.

Home made modem/router/NAS

I bought few items in order to build my own modem/router/NAS.

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